Emmy for Outstanding Courtroom Series (2012)

Probably the best time of my life…looking forward to an Oscar now


I am just another creative artist in the world, doing my best to inspire those who enjoy the work that I do.

I (kind of) left a promising career in law enforcement after winning an Emmy in 2012 for my role as Co-Host on the unscripted, syndicated program "Last Shot With Judge Gunn".  I learned a great deal from everyone I worked with and decided that the creative arts was finally something I could pursue.  

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Education, with a focus in Human Resources and Professional Development.  I have recently expanded my creative talents to include the launch of my first written publication, Gathering Storm Magazine, in which each issue is themed and all short story submissions must adhere to the respective theme (the themes are always an old saying, maxim, or proverb). The publication ended after two years so I could pursue more film-related projects. I left my position as Managing Editor with Red Sun Magazine in January 2017 to embark on this adventure.  Come out and see what GSM was all about, as all of the issues are available online for free!

If you're wondering about my law enforcement accomplishments, you can find them on LinkedIn.  I plan on being even more successful over the next chapter of my life in the creative arts, so stay tuned :)